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Back to Earth (now by the award winning sustainability writer John Hurlburt)

Veni Vidi Vici

Last Friday, groggy and sleepy-eyed, a twenty members of The Clackamas Print piled into three cars and a van at 7:45 a.m., the destination, Albany.  Once a year we drop our laptops, burn our notepads and leave the cursed cave that has swollen more than a handful of academic careers and caravan to whichever college allows coffee swillers and misfits of all varieties to host their annual collegiate day.  This year it was Linn-Benton that hosted the Oregon Newspaper Publisher Association’s college day and we did not come back with our tales between our legs.

I can proudly say that our newspaper topped what we we’re able to achieve last year, netting a total of 11 awards.  And thanks to piece I wrote on the Biglow Canyon wind farm,  I can now officially claim to be an award winning journalist in the field of sustainability and not have to lie about it!

Best Series

The article was entered as part of a “Going green?” series that profiled the college’s claims and actions towards going green.  The story focused on Clackamas Community College’s and Columbia Gorge Community College’s current partnership for training technicians to work on wind turbines. Currently the field is exploding, especially since Oregon instituted the Oregon Renewable Energy Act which requires 25 percent of the state’s energy to be from a renewable source by 2025.


A full write-up of everything we took at the awards ceremony is available at theclackamasprint.com