The Sustainable Student is the rantings and ravings of one man’s experiences on the journey to live a life that makes sense to him. It’s a crash course in the world of homesteading and sustainability complete with the conquest and failures that are a part of all good adventures.

The author John Hurlburt is not an expert in the field by any means. But that’s the point of this blog, to show that anyone can live a sustainable existence without having to break the bank or sacrifice family and friends to get there.

I have three years of college journalism and 4 years of summertime farm work and a half a decade of barista experience on hand and I am currently a horticulture student.

This is a beginning to end guide of one persons journey from an ordinary suburban life to a free and honest existence.


2 responses to “About

  1. Two articles for you:
    Kulongoski declares Sept 13-19 Oregon Organic Food Week

    NY Times and Young Farmers (you’re on the cutting edge, and I think financial support via customers and contributors will be in abundance soon.)

  2. Those definitely hit close to home. Especially the Young farmers article. It seems like real living is starting to make a comeback 🙂

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