A handful of Green Gardening Sites.

The early bloomers are starting to explode with color and a few strawberries have even started to grow back.


Going through the course of a term, us horticulture students are terrorized by a vast amount of information getting stuffed into us. Everyone has to find a way to cope. Some people drop out, others choose what to read, a few fully dedicate themselves to school and lose all their friends and once in a while someone will just exploded.

Here is a small sampling of the resources that are required readings for the CCC horticulture students. Better yet most of the are basic guides to sustainable topics.

Pesticide Alternatives-Pests are getting stronger and more resistant to pesticides which is forcing sustainable alternatives back into the limelight!

How to Reduce Pesticide Use– This is a huge part of the greenhouse and landscaping industry right now. Not only is popular pressure pushing pesticide use into the past(Viva la revolution), but when  using fewer chemicals generally expenses drop as well.

Vinegar as an Herbicide?– here’s the big giveaway your household vinegar isn’t. This article gives a good breakdown about how a product can be organic and still dangerous.

Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects-Not the most in depth video but it does start to touch on the topic of insectary plants.

How to Prune a treeI am amazed that this is a free resource out online.  This fairly simple guide to pruning breaks down the confusing task into a common sense approach.

Sustainable Urban Landscape Design– Landscape design has never been my favorite part of plant science but a good looking garden does have it’s place.  Sustainable.


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