Back Home and Back Online

When I got home this year the Swiss and Rainbow Chard I had planted before leaving were in full bloom, even now in December they are hanging in strong!

I left Tennessee and with it my blogging. Suddenly I had too much to do, I was too tired and various other excuses. I’m back online, however, and happy to report I’ve finally quit smoking, at least I’ve been smoke-free for three days! As for America’s most sustainable smoke, I know that the 100 percent organic cigarette offered by American Spirit has to be in the top five but I still have no conclusive answers but true to form I plan to find some.

I’m working on a degree in Horticulture now as well, hoping it helps me in a future of homesteading.  For now though its just enough to put some words on this page and call it a day.

This weeks step quit smoking and log another post.


One response to “Back Home and Back Online

  1. Congrats on quitting smoking! It took me a few months to feel truly “over” my caffeine addiction, but all the pain and agony (and I do not use those words lightly) was worth it. You’ll feel invincible soon enough. So glad to hear about the Horticulture degree! Hey…on January 31, three local farmers are coming to talk to my HUM 170 class about farming; you’re welcome to stop in; it’s at 3pm.

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