On the Road: Arrival.

It was a long and wicked journey, awesome and anxiety ridden but for now it's back to the simple life. Exhale. Relax.

It has been over a week since my last post about the journey across country and I was hoping to be able to update a lot more often then I have.  However, a minor altercation with authorities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota put me behind schedule on getting to the farm and taking pictures and sight seeing took a back seat to 14 hour drives and too little time spent with too many relatives.  At long last I have step foot on Tennessee soil.  It’s not anything near being the first man to touch the north pole, or even equal with climbing Everest but right now I kind of feel like I have.

Farming is not easy work.  Today was my first day out in the fields and it was a brutal start.  93 degrees with scattered thunderstorms made for a sweat drenched workday.  My legs are sore.  My head is telling me to just give up on consciousness. My second set of clothes are sticky with sweat and humidity.  I couldn’t feel any better.

Just a bit of background on the farm.

My uncle Bill purchased 55 acres and named it Purring Dog Farm after his dog Lucky who has a strange affinity for purring when you scratch his back.  His philosophy for agriculture is that the less crap you add the better.  As a result we don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  The chickens we have are free-range. The animals on the farm are all harmone free.  It’d be nice to say that the farm was organic but that would be a lie.   Becoming “certified organic” would actually cost more than what the farm makes in profit, in a year, so instead the produce is marketed as “farmed with sustainable practices.

Harmone free, steroid free and soon to be delicious

For right now this is the post, I’m exhausted and want some free-time today so I’m cutting this short.

Pics from the farm


One response to “On the Road: Arrival.

  1. I am jealous. i have been looking at my pictures from last summer remembering what a blast that was!

    You are a wonderful writer my dear, i am always happy when you update. Plus then i can know what the hell you are doing.
    much love!

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