On the Road: Grazing Glacier.

Sadie and me headed out today to glacier for a second attempt at getting in to Glacier National Park free today. We had an expired pass and high hopes but yet again we were foiled by careful inspectors. The $24 entrance fee was worth being engulfed in valley’s surrounded by towering, cavernous mountains. We drove on roads running along valley’s that had been carved by glacial melt millions of years ago. No words can really describe what it’s like. Anything short of a walk through the Montana sky will fail to explain the amazing feeling of being tiny and insignificant in this vast pocket of the Rockies.

Thanks to some late snows and a recent avalanche much of the park was closed off.  What we did encounter was just a teaser. A one day trip like we had planned wouldn’t begin to do this park justice and cars at Glacier are almost worthless, driving through the park will only scratch the surface of what truly lies within the over 100 million acre park. 

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I’m tired and need to crash but it’s been a good day.  Next year I have pledged to come back here in hopes for the full experience.  I want to see mountain goats!


One response to “On the Road: Grazing Glacier.

  1. I know a couple who were just traveling towards Glacier. They must have hit the park just short of your journey, because they were not allowed into the park at all due to snow.

    Glacier is by far one of the more beautiful parks I have ever seen. In my library sized collection of books I own an old photography book from 1889, it has several pictures of what places across the country looked like over a hundred years ago. You might like it, because you can see the differences in wildlife, forest growth, etc.

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