The long road from degredation

“Your old road is rapidly agin’

Please get out of the new one

If you can’t lend your hand

For the times they are a-changin'”

-Bob Dylan

If I carry this project out to its end, my goal will be to never log another post.  Ultimately the final step to living sustainably with our environment will be to become a part of it.  It’s our duty as as humans  to erase our personal impact on the world we live in.  Our inheritance is the task a fixing a planet that has been weakened by multiple centuries of reckless abuse.  We are now trying to save our prized hog that was being sent to the slaughter.

I will take steps every week in order to limit my impact on the world while proving it can be done with little to no cash.  I’m not a professional in the field by any means.  Up until last week I didn’t recycle in my own house and when I was trying to explain how recycling works with my mom, she still had a vendetta against the practice. The last time she put the box out on the curb was when the alternative was having to watch an Indian cry.

The point is we haven’t been a family that has cared how big our eco footprint has been.  The logic we had embedded was the bigger the better; if leaving a massive mark works for Egyptian kings, and  all people are equal, then we should all leave a  massively scaled aberration, right?

I’m starting  from the ground up, I have worked two summers as an organic farmer and that is all for my experience in the field.    This is a beginning to end guide and journey about going off grid and working towards preserving Terra.


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